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MaiChai was born from London’s legacy of tea.

Although British history is steeped in tea, we struggled to conveniently find high-quality tea to take away. At MaiChai, we believe every Londoner should be able to get their perfect cup of tea, whenever and wherever they want. Every one of our teas is sourced through a rigorous research process. Handpicked by tea tasters who curate the perfect leaves from hundreds of ‘ordinary’ leaves. Then our expert teasmiths blend over twenty varieties of loose-leaf tea to perfection using cutting-edge brewing technology. Whether you’re looking for a morning caffeine jolt or afternoon wind-down, we will always have the perfect cup to suit your mood.

Mai Chai Tea menu


Silver Tips

Chinese silver tips from Fujian province. Only the finest spring buds are selected. Gently dried they turn white and produce a beautifully soft, light drink with hints of honey sweetness.

Pai Mu tan

Using the bud and a single leaf, gently dried to bring out a wonderful earthy sweetness.

White Peach

Pai Mu Tan lightly flavoured with delicate peach.



Sometimes called Long Jing this pan fired green tea from Zhejiang province China is soft and fruity like apricots with a slight nutty finish.


Shade grown and then steamed Japanese tea. Shaded 20 days before harvest to intensify the deep green colour of the leaves and produce a mellow and sweet seaweed taste.


Japanese powdered green tea. Shade grown, steamed, dried, deveined and then ground to powder in a stone mill. Neon green in colour but sweet and mellow on the palate with a grassy, vegetal taste.

Jasmine Pearls

The finest green tea from Fujian is hand rolled and then scented 5 times with jasmine flowers. Delicate and delicious.

Raspberry Green Sencha

Chinese steamed green tea with fruity raspberry.

Gen Maicha

Japanese sencha with toasted rice. Intense and bold popcorn flavour.


White peach

Light and refreshing

Raspberry green

Delicate and fruity

Iced Lady

Creamy and fresh

Cranberry and apple

Punchy and tart


Cranberry and apple

Quite simply dried cranberries and apples. Fruity and slightly tart.

Lemon and ginger

Fragrant lemongrass blended with lemon peel, ginger peel and just a hint of liquorice.


Apple pieces, carrot flakes and liquorice root.


Full chamomile heads. Sit back and relax


Cool menthol, feels like you’ve just brushed your teeth once you have a sip.


Ti Guan Yin

Semi Oxidised leaves from Fujian rolled tightly into small balls once dried. Also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy this tea is slightly woody with a fragrant finish.

Milk Oolong or Jin Xuan

A light green Oolong from Taiwan with a sweet milky taste.



Chocolate, fig, dried fruit aromas and flavours are to be found in this medium bodied black tea from Anhui. Great without milk or with just a dash.

2nd flush Darjeeling

2nd flush means the second harvest of the season from high up in the Himalayas. Medium bodied with classic Muscatel and honey notes.

Bukhial 2nd flush Assam

Rich and Malty in character with a coppery finish. From the north east of India next to the Brahmaputra river the tea plants grow and take on these unique characteristics. Delicious without milk but can be enjoyed just as much with.

English Breakfast

Strong and hearty black tea blend of Kenyan, for briskness, Assam, for the malty refinement and Ceylon to give it a lift. Enjoy with milk.

Earl Grey

Ceylon black tea scented with Bergamot oil. Medium bodied and citrusy without being over perfumed. Excellent without milk, ask for it to be stronger to have it with milk.

My lady

Black tea with hints of tropical fruit, grapes and citrus. A lighter version of Earl grey.

Rose Congou

Refreshing Chinese black tea scented 5 times with rose petals for a delicate floral taste.

Lapsang Souchong

Chinese black tea traditionaly smoked over pine wood to give it a distinct sweet smokey flavour.


Matcha Latte

Mighty Matcha with frothed milk

Masala Chai Latte

Black tea is blended with aniseed, spicy and sweet cinnamon, fiery ginger, black pepper, warming cloves and woody chicory roots and frothed milk

Vanilla Latte

Ceylon black tea with luxurious vanilla and frothed milk

Caramel Latte

Black tea, indulgent caramel cubes and frothed milk

Vanilla rooibos Latte

Rooibos, vanilla and frothed milk, luxurious but without the caffeine


Big Red

Big bold straight up rooibos. Zesty yet smooth.

Chilli Rooibos

Rooibos, wild cherries, rosebuds, safflower petals, peony petals, carrot flakes and chilli. Spicy!!

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